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I designed the studio to be versatile and relaxed. As well as seeing the production of albums, EPs and singles it has also proven a popular facility for artists to film live videos. A standout feature at the studio is the linked vocal booth, which allows the vocalist to keep a visual connection with the rest of the band whilst minimising bleed.

I have an excellent collection of microphones which include German hand-built Brauner and MBHO's. I have valve mics, ribbons, dynamics and condensers spanning variety of patterns, ensuring that the right combination can be found. The centrepiece though is the Allen & Heath GSR24M console, providing a flexibility that facilitates an infinitely eclectic range of projects. The desk offers high-quality preamps and EQs on the input/output, endless routing functions, motorised faders and integration with Logic Pro X. I use native plugins as well as Slate Digital which I carefully considered for the quality and texture they can bring to a mix. Mastering is also offered with the help of Slate Digital, iZotopes Ozone 7 and Hofa DDP writing tools.

For enquiries please contact: info@bencappsound.com