Studio Production


Whatever your recording, mixing or mastering project, I have the experience to help realise it. 

Take a look at some of my most recent sound recordings...

Nuala Honan

Nuala's 'The Tortoise' album was one of my most important recordings to date. It was the first full length album recording and mix that I carried out in the Island space (2013). The project was inspiring in that Nuala had (and has) an incredibly clear idea of the production that best suits her carefully crafted Americana-folk style.

DJ Yoda

Duncan (aka DJ Yoda) dropped by in Bristol with his live drummer Jimbo Breen to record the drums for 4 tracks for his new 'Breakfast of Champions' project.
Duncan was clear in what he liked and how he wanted the tracks.


The Carny Villains formed as the house band for the Invisible Circus about 6 years ago and have since played across the UK and Europe as a festival favourite. Their Ska-Swing-Circus sound provides a perfect soundtrack for both the Circus and Bristol's live music scene. They have been great to work with in a live and studio environment and went for a polished, high-energy production on the latest EP.


The Submotion Orchestra were a pleasure to work with, both musically and personally - they are accomplished musicians and have crafted a mature and commercial sound with the help of their dedicated FOH engineer. I worked with them to achieve the right recording setup and with Ben Dowden behind the camera, achieving a live video recording that successfully reflected the song and distinctive image of the band. 

Rednek ft harvey (so solid) & harvey shotta

The Ben Dowden single shot live video for the Bass Music Awards live video for Rednek also featured Harvey from The So Solid Crew and Harry Shotta. I recorded the live elements and Rednek mixed the track for the video.

Joe driscoll & sekou Kouyate

I really enjoy working with Ben Dowden, one of Bristol’s top independent filmmakers. We have worked on a number of live videos together and this one with Joe, Sekou, John and Jimbo was one of the first. Joe is a great guy and has pulled in some brilliant musicians for the current project, which is currently touring the US and other parts of the world.


The debut Toyface album was finished at the start of 2015 and another highlight for me. Toyface is based around singer and front woman Tamsyn and written and arranged with James Graham. Although the usual line-up is a 4 piece, we brought in carefully arranged string and horn sections to give an added dimension to the studio album.


Jilk are one of my favourite electronica artists and am proud to have been involved with the mastering of their recent album Retreat to Sleep.

b o m b s

I first watched Bombs play an acoustic set and even though I didn't get the full picture I could hear the strength in the songwriting. The full instrumentation and arrangement did not let the tunes down and I knew that Bombs would be a solid band to work with. Their music is full and accomplished and molding their sound was a very natural process.

edward chilvers

I have known Eddie since we established ourselves in the Reading music scene years ago. Known for his exceptional talent, he is a Steinway musician and signed with Mozart Edition Music Publishers. 12 Etudes was composed entirely by Eddie, exploring colours and textures in music by layering multiple time signatures. We recorded the pieces on a Steinway grand piano after finding the best microphone technique to suit the piano and classical style.


I've always enjoyed Ichi's live sets - they are like nothing else you've ever experienced on an audio or visual level. I was extremely happy to be asked by Ichi to transfer his cassette-based recordings into a digital format and to mix them for his latest album.

(Audio files coming soon...) 

Adhesive Live

Pioneers of digital music came to rehearse in preperation for the Adhesive Live show at Colston Hall. Artists using my sound system included Roni Size and Joker.

Beans on toast - Jim'll fix it

Whilst in the studio for the Slamboree recording, Jay recorded vocals and guitar for the Jimmy Saville track. We recorded and mixed the track in Bristol. Jay was great to work with and the process was very entertaining!

Slamboree ft beans on toast - death of a festival

Producer Mike Freear created Slamboree to bring together circus, pyro and rave antics in a visually spectacular show. I recorded Jay (Beans on Toast) at the studio for the Slamboree track.

evil brain taste

Evil Brain Taste are a Zombie-Death-Metal band from Reading, which was something I found exciting and daunting for the intricacies and intense sound these guys create. I'd worked with them on their first demos years back and brought to life some of their influences through the recording, mixing and mastering of this album.


Lori was great to work with and came to me with a good amount of live experience of her solo acoustic sound but little less studio experience. After planning our recording session, she went away and arranged her songs with a drummer and a double bassist, arriving at a new and fuller sound.

death and treason, rhyme and reason

I'd worked with 'Death and Treason, Rhyme and Reason' doing the live sound on their eerie musical theatre shows (based on the dark side of nursery rhymes). The show was meant to be experienced in a theatre but because the songs were so cleverly written the company found it appropriate to document a handful of the songs in the form of a studio recording.

(Audio files coming soon...)


First Degree Burns

I recorded and mixed two tracks for First Degree Burns last year. Following years of experiencing their energetic stage shows and pioneering ska-hop sound, it was great to finally get them in the studio.


I've worked closely with Rae, having mixed a number of their live shows. The rhythm section forms a dynamic and expressive accompaniment to Leonie's incredible vocal style. I recorded and mixed their sound album 'Awoken' with the intention of capturing the feeling and character of the band whilst allowing for integral space within the music.

Joe strouzer

I found Joe's approach to this EP refreshing and exciting. He came to me with his original material and trusted in my ability to help craft the sound with unique microphone choices and placements. We were unable to reference some old blues records and find a balance between authentic blues grit and modern influences.

(Audio files coming soon...)