Studio Production

I run a multi use studio in the centre of Bristol (as seen in the pics below). Although i'm always set up and ready, i can also be mobile with equipment portable enough to set up in near enough any location for particular acoustics or backdrops. I like to bring projects back to the studio for mixing for the familiar sound response. To get an idea of my discography, please click here.



Having worked on hundreds of projects over the years, I have the knowledge and quality microphones to capture the best of what's thrown at me. Whether you are looking to lay down some top lines, record a live video or produce a studio quality album, I will work with you to deliver it to the highest possible standard. Check out my discography.



I have extensive experience mixing albums, EPs, and live videos. I use Event Opals and Yamaha NS10s for monitoring, Logic Pro X as my chosen DAW and Izotopes and Slate Digital Plugins. Alongside a powerful combination of tools, the most valuable possessions I own are my ears—with which i'm able to translate your recordings into polished songs. Check out my discography.



With the use of Izotopes Ozone and Slate Digital, as well as HOFA DDP writing tools, I can help get your tracks loud and balanced and ready for release. Mastering is best done with a fresh pair of ears so I highly recommend Optimum Mastering - a dedicated Mastering studio in Bristol if you have chosen me for the Mixing stage.